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The new Health and Safety area of our website showcases a number of products from Brake Testers, Tyre Pressure Monitors and Duty of Care issues. These products are the assets that a manager needs to demonstrate they have done everything possible to protect the workforce whilst they’re driving on company business. Matthew Burke Sales Director stated ” With the constant problem of fuel theft we feel a website with more information is ideal to keep the awareness of our products to internet users.”


The Clerk confirmed that the sigh had been refurbished and Leander are now working on the hoops. It is anticipated that the signs will be with us for installation by Geri Davies in the next few weeks. The clerk has prepared fresh copy for the vacancy which will appear in Rushlight and appropriate social media. The assistance from those who know better will be sought, perhaps Cllr James Bradbury Willis might consider assisting. Cllr Mike Richards confirmed that will stand down from Aberdyfi Community Council, effective April 30th, as he and Linda will not be in the village for large parts of the year as they are spending 4/5 months travelling around Europe. BT – Confirmation of public phone kiosk closures, unless the community wishes to retain.

ISOCheck the device to check Truck & Trailer ABS Or EBS Braking Systems

It was agreed to contact them again, reiterating our willingness to take on the upkeep of the subway, if they keep responsibility for the lighting and electrics. The Clerk reported that the Streetworks department have informed her that it would not be possible to have artwork in the subway, due to ongoing maintenance and upkeep required. The Chair reported that the Remembrance Sunday events were very successful with many people in attendance.

  • Standard regulated forex brokerage accounts may not cover high-net-worth individuals.
  • Snowdonia National Park has asked whether or not this council is happy for all future planning applications to be forwarded by e-mail, as a matter of normal practice.
  • Police appeal for sightings of any vehicles or vessels that were used to transport the fuel.
  • BrakeCheck TT will test tractor units, rigid trucks and also incorporates a 99 test memory on the service, hand and trailer brake test, a total of 297 tests.

To ensure your workforce are driving a safe vehicle in wintery conditions, tyres and brakes should be legal. This tool is for the garage looking to expand it’s business by providing ready diagnosis of all types of manufactures, including Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and many more! All in all, the X431 coverage spans over 37 manufacturers and 148 vehicle systems.

Diesel Key Is Fitted to Mercedes Sprinter Fleet At MailWorkshop

Powered on for 2 seconds and then off for 1, TrailerCheck has the capability to power multiple trailers without the inconvenience of continually recharging batteries. In diagnostic mode a single circuit can be powered for fault finding, TrailerCheck is also protected against short circuits, if so the micro processor will keep resetting with a back up fuse as protection. Another customer rasied the bonus of the auto light polling facility on the TrailerCheck 4 Vans, “Not having to return to the truck every time you need to change the light circuit saves massive time and money.” Code Talk Diagnostic is an aftermarket engineer diagnostic tool, Code Talk has been designed by UK trailer maintenance engineers for engineers.

The clerk said she would check if we normally get it done or if it is Gwynedd Council’s responsibility. The clerk reported that there are a large amount of heavy lorries and cement mixers going up and down Gwelfor Road and causing subsidence. The Councillors all remember signs at the bottom saying a weight limit, which has now been changed to a long vehicle sign. The Clerk also reported that when the work is done on the Aberdyfi side of the old bridge to install pumps, the road will not be closed but instead traffic will be controlled with traffic lights.

Truck Hand Brake Alarm

Pudsey, Leeds-based mobile CV repairer Specialist Truck & Trailer Services Ltd has invested in the TrailerCheck 4 Vans light and air brake testing system from aide automotive, with Code Talk diagnostics. The Truck body compay have become established in the plant and heavy haulage industry as one of the market leaders in the UK for both heavy duty plant and platform bodies. With several blue chip companies including Kier Plant and Sir Robert McAlpine. Being main Fassi agents for Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire and this company is able to quote the full range of Fassi cranes from tonne/metre. The police have warned commercial fleet operators of an increase in ‘keyless’ vehicle theft affecting vans, with Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect and Mercedes-Benz Sprinters most at risk of being stolen.


Recent footage from an In Cab Camera filmed through the windscreen of a truck you see an apparently quiet country lane. Then a motorbike travelling in the opposite scammed by xcritical direction comes around the corner ahead and drifts into the path of the HGV. Aide automotive have been supplying the Burnt Tree Group for over 10 years.

Costly AdBlue Error for Northern Haulier

Fuel theft is ever more prominent with high fuel prices at the pumps and in Derby three men are caught. To review the Reefer Anti Syphon Device click on Reefer Anti Syphonor on aide automotive to enquire further. With the bonus of being a portable device the 12 Volt TrailerCheck has a battery booster capabilities.

After a discussion, it was generally, but not unanimously, agreed that the charging problem represents a potential future opportunity but with the costs involved any solution would require significant levels of xcritical. Cllr Williams felt that it would be sensible to discuss the matter with Gwynedd Council to ascertain if there were plans to provide such facilities in their car parks. Cllr Lloyd agreed it was important not to ‘bury our heads in the sand’ and the matter should be monitored on an ongoing basis.

  • Normally to jump start a car you would need either jumper cables and a donor car with a good battery or you would need a lead-acid battery jump starter.
  • Bryn Gwylan Wall – The wall behind St. Peter’s church which forms the car park for the residence of Bryn Gwylan, Church Street, is being over run with ivy.
  • However, it was agreed that the pressure must be maintained with regard to traffic speeding issues throughout the village.

The consultation process commences for 28 days, and the Council will promote the web details in Rushlight. Aberdyfi Community Council will respond as a council on behalf of the community. At the full Gwynedd Council meeting the previous week, the North Wales Fire Service gave a presentation and confirmed that they were called to 2000 fires, 3800 incidents but that 1200 malicious callouts were made, at significant cost to the community. Cllr Reynolds informed the meeting that the Neuadd Dyfi was trading well, cash was in the bank, and that new chandeliers had been donated and the interior is going to be redecorated. Snowdonia Energy have taken over the car park space vacated by Eco Friendly. Cllr Williams observed that the public meeting at the Neuadd Dyfi was not as well attended as last year but suggested that this may not be a concern as this year there were no contentious issues to discuss.

The demo account allows users to execute simulated trades and gain valuable skills in the trading platform before signing up for a real account. Demo accounts at AccentForex will not expire, as long as there is activity on the account every 14-days. Reddit is a network of communities where people can dive into their interests, hobbies and passions. A DreamTrip is a trip we have curated with a hotel stay, one or more planned activities and an in-destination support member. A DreamBreak is a curated trip with a hotel, one or more planned activities without an in-destination support member. An Anytime Escape is a hotel package without the group and planned activities.

Brake Tester Sales Keep Rising Up & Up

The unit also incorporates two air test gauges, with a handheld remote brake activator and digital pressure gauge – meaning that a single trailer service engineer can work under a trailer, activating brakes and reading pressures. Contact aide automotive to review and price any of our truck body products. The Air Brake Coupling Easy Grip is a low-cost accessory that dramatically improves the ease-of-use of the industry-standard air brake ‘C’ coupling. Easy Grip prevents operator’s hands slipping and thus losing balance while stood between a tractor unit and trailer.

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