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The SmartScore system grades products on several factors including functionality, collaboration features, customization, ease of use, and more. FinancesOnline is one of the fastest-growing platforms for B2B & SaaS software reviews, greenfield solutions reviews with more than 2,800,000 visitors every month. If you sell consumer products, Influenster is a review site you’ll want to make sure you’ve covered. Active users will provide a lot of detailed feedback for your business.

Thousands of CR members contacted lawmakers, and Congress passed a law requiring providers to disclose the total price of service before a consumer signs up. Thus, if you’re dissatisfied with the results, you must email or speak with customer service. You are eligible for a full refund by returning the unused goods.


For example, you can set up alerts so you get an email each time a new review is posted so you can acknowledge and respond to each one. Users in Salesforce AppExchange can comment, like, and report other customer reviews. Then you’ll want to keep track of your app’s ratings and reviews there. If your business sells software, you’ll want to be sure you have a presence on G2 Crowd.

Reviewers answer questions like "What do you like best?"; "What do you dislike?"’; and "Recommendations to others considered the product." Also, you can upvote and downvote others’ reviews. Product pages not only list reviews, but also pricing info, notable features, and account requirements for downloading each tool.

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This makes the review much more compelling because you can actually see the person talk and express their genuine feelings about the company. TestFreaks has an import feature where you can upload external customer reviews into its website. Its question and answer feature, which lets prospective customers post questions and receive answers directly from your customer service team. But if you’re new to customer reviews or not sure where to find them, let’s brush up on some basics and highlight why they’re relevant for your business. CR launched the Green Choice rating to help people identify the most environmentally friendly cars, washers, and other products.

Not in the mood to gush…that being said, this app is a wallet saver! Oh and you cans see the reviews the app Forex brokers is calling out as fake while its working. I always RECHECK reatings because they adjust the app gets better.

Why Online Reputation Management is Important for your business

If you do a lot of B2B work, consider your vendors and partners for reviews. Other business owners understand the value of a review, and leaving one on their website or listing may be enough to get one from them without even asking. In the example below, this business has a review item in their main navigation, with the ability to read and leave reviews. A few sentences in a review can have more influence on consumers than an entire website. A difference of one star—or even a half-star—can be all it takes for a shopper to choose a competitor over you. Not to mention that reviews are the top local SEO ranking factor. At LOCALiQ, we believe digital marketing doesn’t have to be complex and big goals aren’t just for big businesses.

  • This customer review site has embraced transparency, letting users access thousands of reviews and see the number of downloads with just a few clicks.
  • Choice has a "Choice Picks" page where you can see the best products that it recommends.
  • Do you have foul breath, or are you bothered by the yellowish coating on your teeth?
  • LOCALiQ provides the platform, technology, and services you need to reach your biggest goals.
  • This increases the chance of having productive conversations with those who leave a review for your business.

For some businesses, asking for a review immediately after their purchase makes sense, while others may want to wait to give the customer time to use it. Be sure to cater your post-purchase review requests accordingly. If you own or operate a business that is customer support-heavy, you and your employees can find plenty of opportunities to ask clients for reviews over the phone. If you’ve just helped a client through a long or difficult problem, it’s probably not best to ask them for a review. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. You can give special promotions and discounts to existing customers as well as provide tips for new users who are visiting your business for the first time.

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Here is what Theo Franklin from Chicago had to review after he consumed ProDentim and had to spend fortunes on dental care no longer. ● ProDentim improves gut health, which raises the general health of your mouth. The problem that ProDentim solves is that your mouth, gums, and teeth eventually lose their cleanliness and health when you regularly use toothpaste containing chemicals and other damaging elements. ProDentim’s high probiotic concentration causes it to start working right away. ProDentim formula includes BLIS K-12 to boost your immune system, help you achieve a sound mouth, and offer additional benefits for oral health combined with Dicalcium Phosphate to preserve tooth prosperity.

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One secure shopping experience seamlessly integrated with Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Android . If it’s too good to be true, we’ll tell you and find a better deal. This paper proposes two methods to detect similar reviews and shows the results generally outperform the vectorial similarity measures used in prior works on the opinion spam problem. Code reviews can be a beneficial task for any development team. In this course, I’ll show you common lessons that I’ve seen when I’ve been asked to do code reviews for my clients. Again, this policy is in place to keep review platforms honest and accurate. While you are encouraged to ask for reviews, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it.

If you’re not familiar with a product, each category provides a brief description of what the software is and why you might want it. Each category provides a "Top 10" list of the best software available in that section. There are over 25 product categories to choose from, including CRM Software, Sales Software, eCommerce Software, greenfields solution review and more. The "Verified Quality Seal" let’s users know that a business or product is reliable and trustworthy. FinancesOnline has roughly three million visitors to its site every month and over ten thousand detailed company reviews. Influenster sends its users "VoxBoxes" where they can test out new products for free.

Effective Online Reputation Management requires the right strategy and tools

Finally, it shows the rest of the public that you are attentive to the voices of your customers. Responding also builds engagement and activity on your listing, which Google takes into account when ranking business listings. The other way to go is to share reviews on your feed as they come in, like this local business does below.

Businesses may falsely bolster their reputations while slaying legitimate businesses in the online reviews arena. It’s one of the most sinister sides of business, and there are countless tales of honest business owners losing everything due to fake reviews.

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