How to Find a Forex Trading Mentor And What to Look for in Them

The forex market can be a difficult market to get into. New traders can benefit significantly from forex trading, which can yield high liquidity, profits, and fantastic returns. Nick Siek is an investor, influencer, and entrepreneur known for following on social media. Nick is the founder of A1, a trading company/mentorship program. If you plan on taking this program, you can expect a stricter approach and a lot of educational posts, personal motivation, and inspiration for mentorship.

Do you need a mentor to start trading?

Working with a mentor will help you to become a better trader and investor—no matter what type you choose or where you find them. If you're new to the stock market and want to learn how to trade, or even if you're a seasoned trader who's simply stuck in a rut, finding a trading mentor can be the answer.

That’s why you, as newly trader, want to learn how to trade and analyze during rise, fall, and steady market. Forex Mentor Pro as just that – the experience in all sort of market’s status. His club has grown quiet in recent years and offers tons in the way of trade ideas, chart breakdowns, educational materials, and live templefx review trading room sessions. Them how long they have been successful trading forex and would they care to verify their claim because you are really after a succesful forex trading mentor, not just someone who “claims” to be one. People can hide behind websites and claim to be successful forex traders when in fact they are not.

Signs To Look For In A Forex Trading Mentor

She does this all with her Foreign Exchange Market Trading Course and one-on-one training. Her current and past students have been able to produce income from the market during their first few months of copying and pasting signals as well as applied knowledge. Tamia works with millennials to keep their learning svsfx time no more than 30 minutes per day. Tamia helps financially uninformed millennials learn a money-printing skill to build investment income without disrupting their day-to-day life with her ‘Learn to trade in 6-S.I.M.P.L.E. 80% of Tamia’s clients in 2021 alone averaged $100 within their first 6 days.

forex trading mentoring

Other programs fall short in terms of genuinely transferring information to novices. Working with a system that truly produced outcomes was a unique experience for me. Matthew Todd is one of the most well-known forex gurus out there due to his popular YouTube live sessions. All of your dreams will come true but this requires time, a lot of learning and discipline.

Top 7 Best Forex Trading Mentors

A real teacher should be able to explain how they make their trading decisions. If they can’t tell you that, indeed, you won’t learn anything valuable from having a relationship with them. If a mentor doesn’t share their secrets, probably, they don’t have any. Unless you work at a hedge fund, trading is an inherently isolated activity. When you trade, you make big decisions on a daily or even hourly basis. Being part of a community or having communication channels with a mentor and other like-minded traders can be a valuable resource for self-improvement and assessing trading opportunities.

Who is the best forex mentor in trading?

  • The Forex Trading Coach.
  • Asia Forex Mentor.
  • Forex Mentor PRO.
  • Vladimir Ribakov.
  • Clay Hodges.
  • Chris Hunter.

While many forex professionals tend to be more on the influencer side, Clay is a serious educator and offers excellent support to his students. He is well-known for helping investors find resources to acquire funding via outside capital. Clay Hodges’s teaching processes are very personal; he opts to train each student personally.

Well, let’s start with the pros, and there are plenty of them:

And I would have recommend it even if they had only 100 paying customers. The fact they have more than 11K users is a strong indication for a strong program. New traders in the world of forex trading can benefit very profitable forex strategy significantly by following these ten forex mentors mentioned below. Let me say at this point that this is not a signal service. Trades are called out during live trading BUT the foundation is MENTORING.

forex trading mentoring

Need a mentor to show me right direction in the beginning of new venture. If there is a charge/payment, I’m going to send an email asking them to verify their performance with or similar if they are using MT4 trading platform. The way I see it, if I have to pay for something, I have the right to know what I’m paying for. Even if they hang around in forex forums, they never really reveal who they are, nor they will go around boasting with a massive sign on their head saying who they are. Everything in forex, I learnt from doing it myself. Thank you for trusting me with my truthful and reliable opinion on any future purchase you may make.

The $8M Professional Trader – Aatu Kokkila

In the realm of foreign currency trading, Forex Mentor Pro stands out. It is both a trading indication and a technical tool, in addition to being a coaching setup. Those who desire to be technical traders will benefit from his trading system. Additional information about Mitchem and his business seen on his website,

Members of the club are also given the skills and knowledge. They need to avoid typical mistakes made by traditional traders. And to equip them with practical technical, basic, and psychological techniques. Trade management methods, chart reading, trading skills improvements, trading strategy building, risk-reward ratio components/risk management. And Ezekiel Chew’s MT4 setup are all covered in the one core curriculum.

Their goal is to make a difference in the financial business by demonstrating. Their confidence in a methodical approach to building wealth in a controlled manner. The fee of a year’s membership in the club is $197.

Best Online Forex Trading Classes

As a result, A1 Trading Company shares financial coverage in all content types, from articles to social media posts across their profiles and pages. “I have been a member of FMP for nearly a year now and team of Marc & Pierre have taken me from a hobby trader with no idea to a successful disciplined trader. Their videos are 2nd to non, if i didnt find them i would have quit by now. Our Trading for Beginners course is a great place to begin if you’re unfamiliar with Forex-related websites. We also aim to assist students in becoming better traders by having a community section.

By the end of the month you will have a through understanding of my strategy and of price action in general. You’ll be surprised how much you can still learn in the post-mentoring process. Besides all the points mentioned above, a great trading mentor should always be available to answer specific questions you might have – and there will be plenty of them.

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